Why EMDR Is The Main Practice For Guy Bender | See It's Impact

Therapist performing EMDR therapy to a patient
I became interested in EMDR Therapy in 2008 while working at a Treatment Center. This center offered various services, including individual therapy, group therapy, and psychoeducational groups. These therapeutic services included EMDR Therapy, neurofeedback, and many more.
I wanted to add skills that significantly impacted the quality of people's lives. As I investigated, I asked many of the clients from the treatment program about all the activities they participated in. I wanted to know which helped them or made the most significant impact. EMDR Therapy and neurofeedback were at the top of the list.

A Start To My EMDR Career

This started my journey as a trauma specialist. My trauma framework was based on the DSM criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder at that time. (PTSD) This involved exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence. As I learned more, I began understanding the enormous scope of trauma, including overt and covert verbal, mental, and emotional abuse. Other traumas are addictions, anxiety, depression, and various other mental health issues. Most coping strategies result from people trying to survive their circumstances.
This made me a student of other therapeutic approaches other than traditional therapy. Traditional therapy can be helpful in re-processing past traumatic experiences, but it takes a lot longer. What I like about EMDR Therapy is the focus on these experiences. People can re-process these past experiences to what EMDR refers to as an adaptive resolution.
That's why I do EMDR Therapy because it works quickly. I see improvement in symptoms and quality of life with my clients fast. If you need to learn more about EMDR  Therapy, call us to book an appointment. I would love to improve your quality of life. We offer services in the Houston area, so contact us today if you are looking for a practitioner i this area!