What is Safe and Sound Protocol Therapy?

Sound Protocol (SSP) is a cutting-edge therapeutic intervention developed by Dr. Stephen Porges to regulate the nervous system and improve social engagement, communication, and emotional regulation. SSP utilizes a specially designed auditory process to stimulate the vagus nerve and promote bodily safety and connection.

At its core, Safe and Sound Protocol Therapy leverages specially filtered music to engage and stimulate the vagus nerve, a critical component of our autonomic nervous system. This stimulation is aimed at shifting the nervous system from states of stress or hyperarousal—often manifested in conditions like anxiety, PTSD, and sensory processing issues—to a state of calm and balance. SSP lays the groundwork for improved communication, emotional regulation, and social engagement by doing so.

A therapists delivering safe and sound protocol with a patient in Houston

How Does Safe and Sound Protocol Work?

SSP delivers specially processed music that gradually challenges and regulates the autonomic nervous system. By targeting the neural circuits involved in social engagement and regulation, SSP offers transformative benefits for individuals navigating trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, attachment disorders, and various developmental difficulties. Research studies have shown promising results, indicating improvements in auditory processing, emotional regulation, and social communication skills following SSP intervention.

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Experience Transformation with Safe and Sound Protocol

Whether you or your loved one are grappling with the aftermath of trauma, the weight of anxiety and depression, the challenges of ADHD, attachment disorders, or other developmental hurdles, SSP provides a comprehensive approach to healing. Discover how SSP can unlock innate resilience and facilitate a journey towards profound well-being.

How Much Does Safe and Sound Protocol Therapy Cost?

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