Will Therapy Be Right For You?

A Persons Receiving Traditional Therapy

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life, like nothing makes sense or that no matter what you do, it isn't good enough? You're not alone. Many people are facing similar feelings and maybe even consider getting therapy to help address their underlying problems. But how can you know if therapy is the right choice for your situation? There can be millions of questions surrounding the idea of going to therapy. Such as:

  • "Why should I go?" 
  • "Will they understand me?" 
  • "I don't have the time. I don't trust talking to a stranger." 
  • "Nothing is wrong with me, so why should I bother?" 

These are all fair questions when it comes to counseling, and yes, it can be scary to dive in, but let me assure you, you will be grateful you did.  

Before making the decision that could improve your life, let's take a closer look at what therapy entails and when it might be the right option.

What is Therapy in General?

Therapy/Counseling is a space where a person and a clinician come together to discuss life occurrences and challenges one might face. They then form a plan on how best to overcome the obstacles and find methods to sustain the change that will occur. A therapist is impartial, a third party, someone who is there for the person in times of crisis and understands them. And if said therapist does not understand, and they might not, you are allowed to find someone else. You can keep looking and trying out therapists until you find the perfect fit. We encourage you because you deserve to be seen and heard how you see fit.

How many methods are out there?

Now, there are tons of therapy methods out there. Here at Connect Clinical Services, we do offer traditional therapy. But, we do specialize more in EMDR and Neurofeedback. These two treatments seem to be the most effective from our experience, and people have overcome many challenges. Some of these people have had difficulties with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other traumas. If you want to learn more about these two treatments, click on the buttons down below to see more.

Why Do People Choose Going To Therapy?

There is a multitude of reasons why people come to therapy. These reasons can range from career change to a death in the family. The choice to get help can be challenging. Many people feel they must do life and figure out everything independently. Therapy is a way to help individuals better understand themselves. Figuring out why it's hard to go to therapy and stay in therapy can be discussed during therapy. The truth is, we all need help sometimes. And allowing oneself to understand this truth can be challenging, but it can be freeing once you lean into it.  

How Long Does Therapy Usually Take?

The amount of time someone needs to spend in therapy can be different for everyone. For some people, a few sessions may be all they need to help them focus their thoughts and gain clarity. Others may need longer-term therapy to address more deeply rooted issues or behaviors. The length of the therapeutic session is usually based on the severity of the problem and the desired outcomes. Short-term therapy typically focuses on specific issues that require behavioral change or insight.

Long-term counseling is more in-depth. It provides ongoing support for a person's growth and development over some time. The best way to determine how long your therapy should last is by discussing it with your therapist in the first counseling session. 

Where To Find The Right Therapist?

We approve to research online and find someone that best fits your needs. We like touching on this point because everyone is different, even therapists. Some have a more diverse outlook than we do in our experiences, and having resonation is critical to finding the root cause of your challenges. Many websites have lists of all kinds, and they can show you what some have experience with. This is not just in their practice but also in the situation they are mostly trying to treat. 

In Conclusion,

Therapy can be a great way to better manage your mental and emotional health. Consider the many different types of therapy that are out there and the different paths you could take to get there. Getting informed is the first step. We specialize in EMDR Therapy and Neurofeedback in Houston if those are something you would like to explore further. Just know to be prepared to stick with it for a while. Finding a good fit for you might take some time, but even small steps can help open doors as you continue your journey. It doesn’t have to be daunting or stressful – talk about what’s going well and focus on making progress daily! Contact us today or call us for a session if you’re ready to improve your life.